PuR – Personal und Recht magazine (HR and the Law)

There is no reason why the law should be a closed book to the layman. PuR magazine features articles on the law as it affects employment, society, national insurance and income tax, as well as a whole host of other topics all aimed at senior management and those in charge of HR.

Up-to-date information about important developments in the law are presented by business and legal experts with a special interest in HR and by employers associations in a readily comprehensible and digestible form. The magazine articles contain advice on how to proceed, suggested formulations, check lists and other tips to help you work more effectively.

As co-publisher of this (almost) monthly periodical, we will be happy to send you sample copies; simply send us a short e-mail request at duesseldorf@lsl-legal.de

Articles written by partners of this firm can additionally be downloaded as PDF files from the section of this site headed ‘Publications: Articles and lectures’.

For further information about the magazine, please visit: www.personal-und-recht.info