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 > Dr. Eberhard Stabreit
    (Specialising in administrative law)
 > Christian R. Braun
    (Specialising in administrative law)

Economic Administrative Law / Public Construction and Planning Law

We advise our clients extensively in matters of public construction and planning law as well as economic administrative law. This is not only about securing planning approval for the construction of new buildings but also about complex planning applications for the approval of major industrial sites or of infrastructural projects in line with the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG), the Federal Highways Act (FStrG) etc.

Furthermore, we advise our clients in cases involving water supply, the environment and the payments due to local authorities. Our services are also used by public bodies in the drafting of their statutes.

We have particular expertise in connection with public-private partnership projects. There are many examples of such projects – including a pilot project in privately financed road construction – that have been supported by us over the years.

Bearing in mind that disputes arising from administrative law are deeply unsatisfactory for all concerned – particularly in the amount of time they consume – our aim is always to devise and implement a customised solution that, despite its inherently compromising nature, is broadly best suited to overcoming constraints on investment.