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Private Construction and Architects Law

Private construction law has from the very beginning been one of the core competencies of our partnership.

The construction-related legal advice and assistance we provide to our project development clients extends from residential and commercial construction to plant construction, and from road building through to the construction of power stations.

One of our major strengths in this area is project management. Our work includes drawing up and negotiating various different types of contracts for builders, developers and construction companies, here in Germany and abroad, as well as in the field of public sector contracts. Using our specialised knowledge and many years of experience, we expertly supervise the whole project from the planning stage and drafting of contracts right through to completion, including all the financial aspects.

We are also familiar with the enforcement and defence of warranty and payment claims, and with the settlement of subsequent disputes either by negotiation or in the courts and at arbitration tribunals, including initiating independent proceedings for the taking of evidence. We advise and represent architects and engineers in all matters relating to the drafting of contracts, liability and the enforcement of indemnification claims.

We offer training for our clients involved in construction projects, including the drafting of contracts, supplemental services management and the execution of construction work.