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Information Technology Law

Experience has shown that the state of flux in the law as it affects Information Technology has three particular characteristics that make it essential to develop an expert understanding of the subject.

IT law is a relatively new legal area. From a technical and legal perspective, change has come about so rapidly over the past few years that legislators have frequently had difficulty keeping up with the pace of development, although this has not inhibited them an any way from regularly confronting potential ‘addressees of the norm’ with new legislation.  Secondly, there is a certain amount of crossover between IT law and other areas of law. For example, when constructing a professional website, it is imperative to take into account the relevant regulations applying to copyright, competition and trademark legislation just as much as questions of consumer and data protection and particular requirements of professional and civil law. The legal situation is thus (still) a patchwork, which makes it difficult to access IT law.

Thirdly, in addition to providing all kinds of opportunities, use of the internet also carries with it considerable risks. These dangers in particular can only be routinely minimised by close cooperation between technical staff and lawyers. Thanks to our many years of experience in this field, which has always kept pace with the internet/Usenet, we are very familiar with the relevant technical aspects of the subject, we talk the language of the software engineers and we are therefore skilled in developing practical solutions.

"Using our legal expertise and understanding of the technical context, we at LSL will guide you safely through the bureaucratic jungle and propose solutions that lead to the successful, goal-oriented and legally conflict-free implementation of your IT projects. "