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Family Law

Cases involving family law have, in the nature of things, a deeply personal impact and cannot be approached on a purely legal basis. The test of successful collaboration in the field of family law is a close relationship of trust between client and lawyer. This has always been the way we operate, and securing your desired outcome is our priority.

There are many different ways of dealing with cases of family law, and it is therefore necessary to have client-based choice. We take the approach that it is preferable to handle questions of family law consensually from the outset, not just under the difficult circumstances of an often increasingly bitter legal dispute. Working closely with you – and preferably with your partner as well – we draw up individually worded marriage contracts designed to promote financial security as a part of a successful life-long relationship. Close collaboration with tax advisers and a notary ensures optimum implementation of your own personal expectations.

The practice of family law means maintaining perspective in our work and in our approach. We specialise in divorce and its related settlements for our family law clients. We are also well versed in matters relating to international family law.

We can advise you on separation, and particularly on matters of maintenance, including the related issues of tax law and disputes regarding assets. In addition, we guide you through divorce proceedings and provide assistance in both instituting and contesting claims. This is done with the express aim of legally securing your personal assets, including for the future.