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Claims Management / Enforcement Proceedings

The financial structure of companies and businesses is affected by debtors who fail to pay, sometimes to the point that their very existence is threatened. Some 60% of company insolvencies are caused by bad debts. Anyone who wants to avoid working ‘for free’ needs to avoid bad debts. By outsourcing claims management, companies create transparency in payments received and debtor structure, minimise loss of time and save themselves the additional costs of running an in-house debt recovery scheme.

LSL LAWYERS have their own long-established debt collection department. It specialises in handling debt collection cases quickly, accurately and professionally, with the support of powerful software for claims recovery. We know how to use specifically designed debt collection databases in order to reach even ‘penniless’ and ‘disappeared’ debtors. We also carry out regular checks on deadlines and the statute of limitations as well as evaluating the prospects for enforcement proceedings. ‘Hopeless cases’ are analysed and assessed in discussion with the client. Awarded claims are monitored and followed for up to three years after they have been lodged, including throughout the rest of Europe by means of a European Enforcement Order.

We work with close attention to costs – you do not pay any enrolment fee. We also do not charge a success fee. You enjoy the advantage of being able to instruct solicitors directly, should matters lead to litigation. There is no risk of communication breakdown, as you are in direct correspondence with your solicitor. The costs of debt recovery by a lawyer are determined by the courts, whereas the expenses incurred by non-legal service providers are often regarded as unnecessary costs in legal proceedings. ‘Bad debts’ are not an example that should catch on in your company.