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Intellectual Property Rights

In times of increasing competitive pressures, many companies have no qualms about improving their competitive edge by using the law to protect themselves against unfair competition. Infringements of competition law or commercial intellectual property rights (trademarks, design patents) often result in costly cease-and-desist warnings; the sums in dispute are often around €100,000, though the focus is always on actual intent to cause damage rather than on the alleged anti-competitive behaviour per se. LSL LAWYERS can show you ways in which to successfully defend yourself against allegations of this kind from your competitors.

At the same time, the importance of effective and thus more carefully targeted advertising is growing. In order to avoid a situation where your advertising campaign has to be terminated shortly after release because of a breach of competition law, we check the legality of your advertisements, advise you as to possible risks and provide you with alternative proposals. A rigorous examination of the text of advertisements is, without doubt, cheaper than a campaign terminated by a court order.

Conversely, in economically difficult times, some companies – whether intentionally or unintentionally – are inclined to improve their market position by making misleading statements about their own products or by discrediting the performance of their competitors with defamatory comments. Together, we will devise a strategy that will permanently prevent unfair competitive behaviour by your competitors and will in any case lead to financial recovery of any costs you may incur.

Experience has shown that companies often have intangible value that needs first to be defined and then protected. Trademark considerations, in particular, are often overlooked in everyday business. We analyse your product portfolio and help you to close any possible loopholes in your protection under trademark and copyright law, in order to reinforce and safeguard the often expensive, time-consuming and hard-earned store of goodwill built up by your company.