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Property Law

There is a natural limit on the availability of land. For this reason alone it is normally an asset of considerable value. Legislators have made a virtue of necessity: the frequently promoted concept of freehold property, perhaps through the creation of freehold apartments, the granting of specific tax advantages and not least the development of real estate as an investment vehicle for the movement of capital has freed property law from being a mere component within the overall structure of the old German Civil Code. Today, property law is to be understood as an independent field of law that can no longer be handled without specialist legal knowledge.

LSL LAWYERS assist long-term investors and landowners in realising their financial goals in their capacity as owners, vendors and purchasers of real estate. Securing the asset on the one hand and capitalising on real estate on the other are programmatically understood and implemented. Full consideration is given here to both involvement with company law and the need to take into consideration the impact of increasing investor protection. Specialised knowledge of notarial practice in property transactions and of the legal aspects of property finance complete the service portfolio of LSL LAWYERS in matters of real estate law.