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Employment Law

At first sight, it comes as a surprise to discover that even long-established companies with years of experience in human resources continue to lose excessive sums of money through employment disputes. Shortcomings in the drafting of contracts will ultimately result in disagreements relating to termination of employment. Many practical examples of this can be cited: overlong notice periods (‘...six weeks before the end of the quarter...’), missing or poorly worded warnings prior to conduct-related dismissals, badly handled works council hearings in advance of dismissals and failure to abide by mandatory social security regulations are the most common grounds, and the results are high severance payouts or successful claims for wrongful dismissal by employees.

It is not unusual for employers to try to ‘steamroller’ their employees when it comes to questions of employment law. And employees are often not sufficiently aware of their legal rights. Clarity is essential. For the employees we represent, we not only try to find the best solution within employment law but also strive to safeguard the career prospects of those employees who put their faith in us, consistent with the provisions of the law and the financial resources of the employer.

In the area of collective employment law, we have frequently been involved in negotiations about the reconciliation of interests and redundancy schemes, including for listed companies. We have always seen as a particular challenge the need to balance the protection of the social security position of the employees affected and the future viability of a company which is driving through changes to its business.