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Education Law (School law and University law)

School law, especially admission to the requested school

We offer advice to parents whose child has not been accepted by the preferred school, as well as in cases concerning non-justified regulatory measures, decisions on examinations, staying down a year etc.
The change of statutory school law in Berlin raises many questions concerning the transition from primary school to secondary school that are not resolved in a satisfactory way by the public regulations. We expect that the abolition of the criteria of distance (BVG-Kriterium) for the selection of pupils applying for a certain school and the new selection process – a combination of decision by the school and the drawing of lots – will create a lot of disappointment.

By their nature, decisions on examinations as well as on regulatory measures of schools enjoy a greater latitude of judgement. Nevertheless, they have to be taken within a legal framework and obey certain rules. Pupils and their parents have the right to demand that these are upheld, especially in cases that may result in staying down a year – after all, what is at stake is a year out of the working life of the child.
In nearly all cases, a quick reaction is required, as the deadline to appeal against decisions normally is very short.

University law, especially admission to universityOur clients are students who have applied for a place at university but have not been accepted. It is generally known that, at a lot of universities, the number of applicants exceeds the number of places in a requested field of study. We have managed in the past to represent our clients successfully in the procedure for obtaining the preferred place of study. In these cases, it is indispensable to know the distinctive features of the procedure at the desired university.

These cases likewise require quick reaction, as the deadlines to appeal against decisions are usually short and, in some cases, combined with preclusive time limits.

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