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Criminal Law

"Freedom is a luxury that not everyone can afford."
(Otto von Bismarck 1815 - 1898)

Criminal law is an area of law quite different from all others: it is the only one that can result directly and very suddenly in the loss of one’s personal liberty. We read in the press almost every day that a greater or lesser-known celebrity has been ‘caught out’ and is in custody.

The loss of a civil case is irritating and, in extreme cases, can also lead to financial ruin. Criminal law is completely different. Here, the loss of a case can lead not only to significant fines or to being banned from ones profession; it can also lead more quickly than is generally assumed to the loss of one’s personal liberty. Routine consequences are that one’s financial existence is endangered and one’s social standing is lost.

LSL Lawyers have many years of expertise in the area of (commercial) criminal law. If we are contacted in time, we are able to channel the momentum that investigations by the public prosecutor’s office and criminal proceedings can generate in the best interests of our clients. This cuts the ground away from under unsubstantiated criminal accusations.

In the area of commercial criminal law today, it is no longer enough simply to know the penal provisions. It is precisely because the business knowledge of some public prosecutors ‘could be improved’ (to put the matter kindly), that it is imperative, right from the start of any investigation, to clear up any ‘misunderstandings’, in order to avoid or eliminate needless pressure in the course of the investigation. LSL Lawyers have the necessary business management expertise.

Our objective is unequivocal: our clients should be able to continue their professional and private activities – even beyond criminal prosecution.