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 > Prof. Dr. iur. Holger Linderhaus
    Member of Arbeitsgemeinschaft der
    Rechtsanwälte im Medizinrecht e.V.

Medical Liability Law

According to estimates, the liability insurance schemes for hospitals and doctors receive reports of some 10,000 cases a year from patients seeking damages and compensation for pain and suffering because of medical negligence – and this is an upward trend.

If you as a doctor or hospital operator have a liability claim made against you because of alleged medical negligence, LSL LAWYERS will represent you in legal proceedings and before arbitration boards in defending yourself against claims for damages and compensation for pain and suffering. For more than fifteen years, one of the largest German liability insurers has regularly entrusted us with representing health professionals insured with them in defending claims for liability. Our close relationship with an independent medical assessment practice enables us in addition to review the expert medical opinion put forward in legal proceedings and, if necessary, to provide a counter-opinion.

There are two paths open to patients with a medical negligence claim: in addition to the possibility of pursuing your claim through regular legal channels, the law relating to medical liability also offers the alternative of settling your claim through the assessment and arbitration boards of the medical councils. In this case, an independent assessor will, on request, prepare an opinion as to whether there is a case of medical negligence to answer. No charge is made for preparing this report. On the basis of such an expert opinion, claims on the grounds of medical negligence are as a rule settled successfully. Whichever course you decide to take, we will be there to support you.